Analyze parameters

This feature requires the Analyze-License

Select camera setting

Clicking the button "Analyse ..." in the Calibration-Set Manager opens the analyze window for the selected Calibration-Set. On the left side of this window you find a tree view, which contains all captured focal length and aperture settings:

Camera setting selection

If a focal length is selected (marked by a distorted grid ), then the distortion data is displayed on the right window panel.

If an aperture is selected (to which the vignetting icon is assigned), the vignetting data can be examined on the right side.

General information

  • All values, which are indicated in [pixel], refer to the Calibration-Picture resolution. Thus, if images with a different resolution shall be processed, the dataset has to be transformed accordingly.
  • Pixel coordinates by definition have their origin in the left, upper corner of the image.
  • Note, that all listed distortion data indicate the distorted positions in dependence to the undistorted positions on an image. Hence you cannot directly read, how a distorted point must be shifted on an uncalibrated photo, in order to be distorted no more, but the starting point is rather an imagined, already undistorted image. By means of the values provided here, for each (undistorted) point the location of the appropriate distorted point can be determined.
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