ImageIron provides camera specific parameters

This feature requires the Analyze-License


ImageIron does not determine the distortion in form of equation coefficients, as it is the case with some competitor products, but accomplishes a specific spline calculation. Thus a higher accuracy is reached, since the distortion behavior is not reduced to the coefficients of a quadratic equation.

The distortion data can be examined in several ways:

  • Representation of the distortion behaviour (radial and tangential) from the distortion center in 20 different directions as freely scalable graphs
  • Representation as distorted grid
  • Save the distortion data as profile dataset (ssv-table)
  • Save the distortion data as grid dataset (ssv-table)

The graphical view enables to simply and fast estimate the extent and distribution of the distortion for all captured focal lengths.

The tabular output enables any desired data processing (comparison, control, archiving, etc.).

Read "distortion analysis" for further information!


For each focal length and each f-stop exists one appropriate vignetting profile. The values are provided in two ways:

  • Illumination fall-off behaviour from the center as freely scalable graph
  • Save all profiles in a ssv-table

Read "vignetting analysis" for further information!

Distortion factor behaviour
Distortion factor behaviour
Distortion as grid
Distortion as grid
Tabular data output
Tabular data output