ImageIron eliminates lens aberration

ImageIron has been designed to remove these lens aberrations. Allowing the user to comfortably create calibration parameters with his own camera, ImageIron is enabled to take manufacturing inaccuracies, which can be quite notable with cheaper cameras, into account. The calibration parameter set is created by taking a few pictures of a point map, which are automatically processed by ImageIron. The set consists of accurate distortion centers and the corresponding direction-dependent (radial and tangential) distortion profiles and the vignetting profiles for different focal lengths and f-stops.

The needed Calibration-Map can either be printed out, or be ordered here as high-quality print.

The evaluation of the Calibration-Map photographs includes an estimation of the distortion degree of both the uncalibrated and the calibrated image. This way the measuring quality respectively the reliability of the found parameters can be rated.

Please find further explanation in the manual!

When such a parameter set has once been created, all images, which have been taken with that camera, can be calibrated in a batch process. The results are reproducible and of an optimal precision.
The user has the option to decide whether all image information shall remain (then the result image has a "ragged border") or the image border shall be automatically trimmed.

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